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35 Unique Bird House Designs You Need Right Now

35 Unique Bird House Designs You Need Right Now
35 Unique Birdhouse Designs and Patterns You Need Right Now
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Bird house designs are a very popular choice for many home owners, and there are many different styles to choose from. Birdhouses can be made from wood, metal or plastic and come in a variety of colors. They can be painted or stained to match your home’s exterior or left natural.

The best birdhouses will have openings that are large enough for birds to enter but not so large that they can’t be cleaned regularly. Many of the finest bird houses are made with specially designed doors on the back so you can clean out the nesting material while still allowing the birds access to their homes.

A good way to ensure that your bird house will last is by making sure it is anchored securely into place. The best way to do this is by placing it on an elevated platform or pole so that it is away from predators like cats and dogs, who may try to attack them while they’re sitting on their nests.

Bird House Designs

Unique birdhouse designs and patterns

A plank birdhouse! Hooray! An impressive birdhouse couldn’t be simpler? It’s really interesting to learn how to build a bird box with a single whole from a single plank of pine.

Birdhouse designs and patterns1

Durable and functional bird house! One of the unique bird house designs and patterns is this beautiful chicken coop that provides enough space for your chickens to enjoy themselves. The entire house is timber framed with mesh wire panels surrounding it.

Birdhouse designs and patterns2

Patriotic Birdhouse! One can effectively show one’s true patriotic feeling by displaying a red-white-blue flag in front of the main entrance of a wooden birdhouse, or also by placing it outside as a nesting place for feathered birds.

Birdhouse designs and patterns3

Rustic Lighthouse Birdhouse! A real beauty! The design features a copper roof, sliders, a removable base, air vents and looks like a real lighthouse.

Birdhouse designs and patterns4

Aluminium Bird House! Do you want to add a magical mood to your outdoor decoration? Hang this adorable aluminum bird house near all the windows. The design and the detailed workmanship are really nice to look at.

Birdhouse designs and patterns5

Cape Cod Pedestal Birdhouse! This is an extremely charming birdhouse pattern. It is built on wooden sticks and the house takes the form of a real family home with creative details.

Birdhouse designs and patterns6

Italian Colony Aviary! This will make a distinctive addition to your yard and gardens. This unique birdhouse design and pattern features ten doorways that welcome birds on all 3 levels.

Birdhouse designs and patterns7

Round Birdhouse! We bet the round birdhouse will prove to be one of the unique birdhouse designs and patterns due to its incredible looks and surprisingly easy to make using rings of wood and cedar clapboard.

Birdhouse designs and patterns8

Whimsical Wooden Birdhouse! This curvy, colorful birdhouse will add real spice to your yard or garden. Whimsical birdhouses are a great source of attraction for birds.

Birdhouse designs and patterns9

Easy Painted Birdhouse! Yes, use your favorite color scheme to paint a birdhouse that looks very inviting and fresh. This is an easy craft for casual purposes.

Birdhouse designs and patterns10

Summer Birdhouse (Woodcraft) This is an easy-to-build birdhouse with a colorful summer flair.

Birdhouse designs and patterns11

Junk Shop Birdhouse! This birdhouse is a cheap garden ornament you’ll be proud of.

Birdhouse designs and patterns12

Cartoon Birdhouse! Stunning to look at, right! Friends! Use all your recyclables sensibly. This cartoon owl birdhouse seems to be among the unique birdhouse designs and patterns for the garden. They are more for decorative purposes.

Birdhouse designs and patterns13

Uniquely designed cedar birdhouse! Attract colorful birds to your garden with this uniquely shaped cedar birdhouse. The beautiful combination of solid wood construction and subtle color tones should perfectly match the garden.

Birdhouse designs and patterns14

Common Wooden Birdhouse! If you live in an apartment but still dream of being close to nature and caring for wild birds. Resembling a tree branch, this ordinary wooden birdhouse connects your room’s balcony with the greenery outside.

Birdhouse designs and patterns15

Five Star Birdhouse! Looking for a year-round birdhouse? Start working on this five star bird house project as unique bird house designs and patterns of 2017. You can easily hang it in your home when the holidays start.

Birdhouse designs and patterns16

Stylish Birdhouse Designs! Birdhouse style really matters! These stylish printed floral arch birdhouse designs are bird-friendly but full of creativity and deep thought.

Birdhouse designs and patterns17

Antique bird house! This bird house is designed for small birds. It’s a stylish, vintage-style addition to any outdoor space with a large hole at the top.

Birdhouse designs and patterns18

Crazy Bird House! OMG! Christmas gift for birds! If your garden is missing a real birdhouse, then this solution (crazy birdhouse) is perfect for you. It is completely handcrafted with a comfortable entry.

Birdhouse designs and patterns19

Rustic Cottage Birdhouse (Wood Pattern) One of the unique birdhouse designs and patterns, this design looks like a real antique piece – but it’s not! You can build this rural birdhouse from new wooden materials and coffee cans.

Birdhouse designs and patterns20  

Chandelier Birdhouse! Build your very own wooden slide birdhouse and give it a personal touch with just a few adjustments. Plus, it’s simple, cute, and versatile.

Birdhouse designs and patterns21

Church Style Birdhouse! Church birdhouses are popular around the world as unique birdhouse designs and patterns. These homes are topped with a massive copper spire and copper ridge piece over cedar clapboards.

Birdhouse designs and patterns22

Log Cabin Birdhouse! Attract birds to your backyard with an amazing Log Cabin Birdhouse.

Birdhouse designs and patterns23

Innovative birdhouse for the garden! This cool looking birdhouse idea will make your garden birds feel like royalty. In other words, it really is a piece of divine art.

Birdhouse designs and patterns24

Cardinal Birdhouse! Don’t be afraid to create this bright unique birdhouse design and pattern for your fatherly friends and add a decorative touch to your yard or garden by adding paint it a solid color.

Birdhouse designs and patterns27

Modern birdhouse! Not all birdhouses have to be boring! Make your birds feel safe and happy in this modern bird. Place it outdoors to get the most out of it.

Birdhouse designs and patterns28

Barn Birdhouse! Looking for unique birdhouse designs and patterns that will catch the attention of all your feathered friends? This one seems fine, made from new materials, but give it an old look with barn tech.

Birdhouse designs and patterns42

Fall Birdhouse! This birdhouse plan creates a beautiful fall birdhouse for both the indoor and outdoor areas of your beautiful home. Stamped fall leaves with yellow flowers draw attention to the birdhouse. Coordinating wood papers cover the sides and roof of the birdhouse.

Birdhouse designs and patterns40

Unusual birdhouse design! Simple is not always better, sometimes really “elaborate” and unusual birdhouses look good. This bird house with two heart shaped holes and floral prints looks outstanding.

Birdhouse designs and patterns39

Country Church Birdhouse! To add a distinctive look to your garden this spring season, add a beautiful country church shaped birdhouse with a high roof and chain hanging from the top as a unique birdhouse design plus pattern from 2022.

Birdhouse designs and patterns38

Birdhouse decor with floral pattern! Wow, this pretty birdhouse features floral artwork on a gray background. You can use patterned floral designs to cover the window and front door. Don’t forget to match it with your painted design.

Birdhouse designs and patterns37

Spring Flowering Birdhouse! Brighten up your outdoor space with this beautiful Spring Flowering Birdhouse. The gorgeous yellow light yellow color is a great way to add some spring color to your home and adore it with beautiful pink hues.

Birdhouse designs and patterns36

Victorian bird house! The entire construction is made of wood and is designed for mounting on the tree. It’s a great addition to the garden, depending on your taste and need.

Birdhouse designs and patterns35

Pallet Wood Stacked Birdhouse! Yes! Uniquely shaped birdhouses are easily made from layers of boards salvaged from free shipping pallets.

Birdhouse designs and patterns34

Rustic Cottage Birdhouse! Add a rustic, nostalgic touch to any backyard or porch.

Birdhouse designs and patterns29

Beautiful blue birdhouse! Planning to bring the look of spring into your interiors? Displaying this beautiful blue bird house is a great idea as birds love to come into colorful houses to perform different activities. So if you’re wondering how to build an attractive birdhouse for your backyard this spring season and are looking for a fun way to let your kids know what birds are native to your area, we hope our huge collection of unique birdhouse designs and – muster dies tut Add color to your yard and provide a safe haven for the friendly fliers in your yard. To keep the design simple, we always recommend using household materials to make the birds feel safe and loved.

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